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Yasuteru Aoki

Yasuteru Aoki

SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
SFiO Contributor

Solution Focus Consulting Inc.

Yasuteru Aoki is the president of Solution Focus Consulting Inc. Japan. He is a pioneer in spreading SF in business field in Japan. He has been organizing annual J-SOL conferences with his colleagues since 2008. He started using the term “SF inside” and “CNPR (Chain of Natural Positive Responses)” and now is working on the project of creating GSFAS (General Solution-Focused Attitude Scale). A passionate golfer and a lover of wife, Ruiko and the golden retreiver dog, Tao.

Reviewed piece of SF work

Helping a manufacturing company install an “SF inside” motor for continuous organizational development became possible by training 5 change agents in an open SF Practitioner Course.

A package manufacturing company ZACROS was looking for an effective way for their organizational development.  In May 2008 they tried out 2-day in-house SF seminar with 32 managers and they liked the SF way. So they sent 5 people from Nabari factory to SF Practitioner Course which was open to public and lasted for the duration of 5 months. The course was held in two locations, Tokyo and Kyoto. Mr. Honma, the general manager, took the course in Tokyo. And four others took it in Kyoto. In both classes they mingled with other participants who were either coaches, consultants, trainers or managers from other companies. The five projects that ZACROS men did all made good results and especially foreman Mr. Tanaka’s project of “Making the strongest team in the company” produced such a high degree of engagement of all the workers in his team, and it made a whole organizational effect. 

  • Lead reviewer: Kirsten Dierolf
  • Second reviewer: Carey Glass

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