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Wim Sucaet

Wim Sucaet

SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
SFiO Contributor

As he is training himself in getting things to its essence, adding a longer bio is quite a challenge. Therefor he wants to focus on the essence, namely noticing things that work for him.

  • being present in the moment
  • smile in a soothing and supportively way
  • having an authentic curious stance
  • listening with a constructive ear
  • asking questions that make the other elicit resources and opportunities
  • having fun while helping the other regain hope and perspective

The domains he’s mainly operating in are

  • himself
  • family and friends
  • professionally as a coordinator in quality care and human resources of a pupil guidance center
  • professionally as a coach/therapist/group worker/team and network coach

When he receives questions or assignments from organizations in education, welfare and healthcare, he starts jumping up and down and yelling yippie ya yeah!

Reviewed piece of SF work

Change facilitation…to achieve a renewed working model

How can we organise ourselves to obtain more quality in our work and to cope better with the VUCA-world we live in?

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