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Victoria Spashchenko

Victoria Spashchenko

InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor

Solution Talk

Victoria is a self-appointed Project Manager of “SF Ukraine”. She is a facilitator, coach, Solution-Focused practitioner, Cross-Cultural consultant and speaker. She has authored two Practical Guides:

  • “How to Solve Problems Without Discussing Them - Solution-Focused Approach for Managers and for Others, too”
  • “WOwW-school - Working on what works a Solution-Focused Approach for Teachers, Parents and for Others, too” (in Ukrainian).
  • She is also the author of “#war_thoughts”, an e book.

As well she is co-author of the book “Using video games in the classroom. Challenges and Solutions: All you need to know to start using video games in your classroom”, with Dr. Elena V. Shliakhovchuk

Her background includes 20+ years of extensive management experience in international/local businesses, and the public sector.

She holds an Executive MBA from IBR, Institute of International Business Relations (Steinbeis University, Germany)

The focus of her expertise is in the field of solution-focused changes and effective management & communication of multicultural teams.

Victoria is a Board Member of SIETAR Europa (http://www.sietareu.org/) and a contributor to the SolWorld community (http://www.solworld.org/)