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Sieds Rienks

Sieds Rienks

SFiO Reviewed Practitioner
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor




Sieds Rienks is a SF change agent pur sang. He was psychologist, manager, medi-ator, speaker, coach and leader all his life. He supports many change programs for many organisations. Most of them on the top level of corporates, hospitals, health care or government. Even now he is 71 years old, he still influences people in many organisations. And he is deeply attached to young workers in start-up organisations. And always, always his approach is Solution Focus.

Reviewed Piece of Work:

Improving performance and atmosphere in a Health Care Institute by using Solution Focus ap-proach and methods.

In the period of April and May 2020 we did a wonderful project in Healthcare Netherlands. We were asked to simplify the working routines in a big psychiatric clinic ( mainly ambulatory, not clini-cal) and to make it more fluent and easier to use by workers and patients. Getting that the chance for better results and outcome could be much bigger than before our project. More satisfactory for the workers and a severely reduced waiting list for the clients/ patients.

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