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Paul Z Jackson

Paul Z Jackson

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InterAction Contributor
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The Solutions Focus

After successful careers in journalism for Thomsons and as a comedy producer for BBC Radio, I have been a trainer, facilitator, keynote speaker, author and consultant.

SF has been central to my work for many years. The concepts of SFBT were so inspiring that they not only informed my own practice, but I was determined to promote them to the wider world. This has included writing three books about SF: The Solutions Focus, co-authored with Mark McKergow, and Positively Speaking and The Management Pocketbook of Resilience, co-authored with Janine Waldman.

It’s also included being a founder member of SOLWorld and co-organising in the UK two of the international conferences. I probably hold some sort of record for attending and leading workshops at SF conferences, such as SOLWorld, summer schools, UKASFP and EBTA. With SFIO, I look forward to continuing to help the development of a community of practice which does worthwhile work using the elegant and simple tools and principles of SF.