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Marco Matera

Marco Matera

SFiO Chapter Head
InterAction Contributor
SFiO Contributor


Solution Focus is for me more an approach than a tool and I deal with:

- Coaching, team coaching and Supervision in business context

- Management training

- Applied research in the SF field Supporting the development of awareness to improve relationships between people is the goal of my work.

This is what drives me to continuously develop the SF approach, in sharing with my community of practice. The SF Community is a very inclusive and warm community. A Space for reflection, developing and friendships. I have developed tools, techniques, I have written articles, participated in national and international conferences, held workshops and training courses in SF Coaching and published the results of my work.

Since 2008, I have participated and presented at many International SOLWORLD and EBTA conferences (European Brief Therapy Association). In 2019, I was member of organizing team of EBTA International Conference in Florence and I received a Award as excellence in solution focus practice.

My last tool is a agenda created with the SF Approach (www.solutionfocusagenda.com)

The words that best describe my approach are: Simplicity, Essentiality and Presence (the ability, being “in the here and now”, to create empty spaces in which to meet free from judgments). The best way to describe my work as a coach and coaching trainer is the metaphor of the diamond cutter. The diamond cutter adds nothing to the diamond, it eliminates the superfluous to free the brilliant inside. So it’s not about changing, but about supporting people to get rid of what is not needed to ensure that they can see their own diamond, manifest it and subsequently recognize it in others as well.

Another metaphor that describes me, having a degree in chemistry, is that of the catalyst: capable of intervening during a process to speed it up, remaining, more or less, unchanged at the end of the reaction. I find it extremely stimulating to improve the SF Approach by aiming for simplicity, with a view to facilitating the emergence of the client’s resources, directing him towards autonomy in a relatively small number of sessions, often a “one sigle session”.