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Leah Davcheva

Leah Davcheva

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AHA moments, Centre for Interculturality, Solutions Focus and Host Leadership

Leah Davcheva, PhD, is the founder and director of AHA moments – Centre for Interculturality, Solutions Focus, and Host Leadership. She works both locally and internationally, developing and delivering coaching and training programmes for organisations, teams and individuals in a wide range of settings.

Leah has contributed to and was instrumental in building up the foundations of intercultural education and intercultural communication training in Bulgaria and beyond. Having studied Solutions Focus and Host Leadership with Mark McKergow, a more recent focus in her work is supporting people in their desire to change.

She is researcher, and (co-) author of books, articles and learning materials.

Reviewed pieces of SF work:

Coaching for change: a Solutions Focus 10-day training course for youth workers and activists – August-September 2016

“Stick to the method and be there for the other”

We were a team of three facilitators who collaboratively facilitated this course in Frankolovo, Slovenia. We mapped the programme in-between three overlapping institutional, conceptual, and practice territories:

  1. The format of an Erasmus+ project of the European Commission
  2. Our shared and individual understandings of SF coaching
  3. The best hopes, experiences and resources of the course participants

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