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Lari Karreinen

Lari Karreinen

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Lari Karreinen works as an independent consultant at to help people to good participation, meaningful discussions and finding the solutions they need. For this he uses solution focused coaching and facilitation.

He’s especially interested in leadership development in situations with low hierarchy and informal leadership, such as networks and volunteer leadership. The clients are leaders and teams who believe in participatory leadership and continuous learning.

The beginning of Lari’s lifelong learning journey consists of Master of Social Sciences, qualification in adult pedagogy, and degree in solution focused coaching in Helsinki University, Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education. But this is just a beginning.

Reviewed piece of SF work:

Enhancing the communication between the employees and the volunteers in nursing homes.

About 30 employees of six different nursing homes took part in three sessions in a process that was arranged by a local social development company. The aim was to enhance the communication between the employees and the volunteers. The needs and situations of the employees varied a lot as they came from different nursing homes that had more or less experience in arranging volunteer work.

  • Lead reviewer: Riku Järvinen 
  • Second reviewer: Mari Juote

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