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Géry Derbier

Géry Derbier

Chapter Head
SFiO Contributor

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Géry has started his career in 1987 as a software engineer. In the 90’ his has been a pioneer of the Agile movement in France working tightly with one the author of the renowned agile manifesto. Ever since, Géry has been a prominent speaker at Agile conferences.

Until about 2010, he occupied the positions of manager and technical director. He then started to coach individuals, teams and whole organizations, mainly into the acquisition of Agile.

Géry uses a unique blend of Agile and Solution Focus in the coaching of organizations. The approach has been applied in various contexts (banking, industry, service) as well a with organizations of different size.

Over the years, Géry has designed courses to teach agility, programs for the development of agile leadership in various formats (class of up to 40 people). He more specifically has taught Solution Focus course in several French companies. He has written one the very few books on Solution Focus in French, “Solution Focus: coaching, leadership, conversations constructives”.